From AWESOME PEOPLE who love our work.

We go beyond just capturing moments—we create memories. Our ideal clients are people who value the art of photography and appreciate the attention to detail that goes into crafting each image. But don’t just take our word for it—here’s what some of our clients have to say about their experience with us:




Kate is amazing! I think her work speaks for itself.

She is authentic, artistic, effortless and everything else you can imagine. Book her! I promise you won’t regret it.



Kate is… Kate is amazing! I am a very self-conscious person, i don’t like myself on pictures like never-ever. All thanks to Kate, i was able to open up and see myself from a side and actually like what i see. Kate was the first ever photographer that i had a professional shoot with. Ever since i can only trust her.  

Her individual approach is amazing! Because of that i can call Kate not just my photographer but now my friend. The amount and quality of feedback we received after every session is astonishing and absolutely amazing.

Kate does the job to a T while making you feel comfortable and at ease in front of a camera. And the best part about Kate, she’s open to any of client’s ideas. You name it, she’ll visualize with you and bum, it’s done! Thank you Kate for making me the individual you see behind the camera! You are the greatest!



I want to start by emphasizing the most important aspect of having Kate take pictures of me: it’s more than just having a photoshoot session; it’s an experience!

Kate truly feels the moment, the environment, and the energy of anybody she’s working with. I’ve worked with many photographers throughout my career as a model, and for me, Kate is simply the best. But it’s not just the model work I’ve done with her; I also had my anniversary photos taken by her, and it was a very sentimental moment for me. I could feel how she became involved in my story with my husband and how she put her whole heart into making that moment memorable.

We not only got the pictures, but we also experienced a moment where we were the main characters of a beautiful story captured by Kate’s lens. I could certainly write a lot more about my experience with her, but to conclude, I would say this: creating these memories is an investment in your heart because the results will last forever, and there’s no better investment than preserving a moment for eternity.